Our Guarantee Certificate

Our Guarantee Certificate

I personally guarantee my security officers, their performance, and your complete satisfaction.

Every Anderson Security Agency employee has been carefully selected and tested. Our goal is for each of them to provide the most professional level of service possible. If one of our employees ever fails to meet your expectations, please notify us promptly and we will replace the employee immediately.

As a client of Anderson Security Agency, Ltd. you will be billed only an established hourly rate. All local, state, and federal legal requirements, including all payroll taxes and government reports, are the responsibility of Anderson Security Agency, Ltd.

We are licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety for Security (#1003692) and Private Investigation (#1002945). We encourage you to contact the Department of Public Safety for references regarding our license, our image, and our reputation.

Our insurance coverage’s, as specified below, automatically cover Anderson Security Agency employees wherever they work. Certificates of insurance will be issued upon your request. Applications to be additionally insured will be furnished upon written request at our cost.

    • Worker’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability $1,000,000
    • Commercial General Liability $1,000,000/$3,000,000
    • Automobile Liability $1,000,000
    • Excess Liability $10,000,000

We, at Anderson Security Agency, Ltd., are dedicated to providing professional, competent, and effective personnel when you need it. Service is our most important product and complete client satisfaction is our goal.

Through our experience and dedication, I am able to offer this personal guarantee.

Kimberly Anderson-Matich,