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Security Services You Can Trust
Trained Officers

Trained Officers

All “headaches” associated with recruiting, training, and supervision of the security officers are assumed by Anderson Security.
Added Value

Added Value

There are no extra costs or overtime costs. Total costs are generally 20% to 40% less than the operation of a proprietary force.
Contracted Security

Contracted Security

With contract service, the possibility of collusion or fraternization detrimental to sound security is greatly diminished.
The Pursuit of Excellence

We offer thoroughly screened, highly trained, and strictly supervised officers.

Armed and Unarmed Officers
All officers are drug screened and undergo psychological testing.
Vehicle Patrol
Our patrol services will help reduce break-ins, vandalism and other crimes against your property, staff, residents, and visitors.
24-Hour Emergency Services
Our Security Operations Center operates 24/7. You will always talk to a person.
Legal Services
Anderson Security provides unbiased investigation services, litigation services, and expert witness testimony.
SkyWatch™ Surveillance
SkyWatch™ is our mobile surveillance unit used for remote sites with little or no access to electricity.
Higher Standards
At Anderson Security, we only hire the individuals that meet the standards of our agency and the expectations of our clients.
Consulting Services
Provide aid to municipalities and corporations requiring outside security and investigative services.
Executive Protection Services
Armed officers must complete 40 hours of training before being placed on assignment.
Kristi JohnsonClient
In 2019 we changed security agencies. The previous agency had been a fixture at the facility for years. Any agency coming in would have to start from the ground up with personnel and the facility itself. Anderson management went above and beyond from the start. There were some challenges and they were met with a very “we can do this and do it well” attitude. Due to the uniqueness of this facility and its personnel Anderson’s management worked diligently with us to make sure we had the best suited officers for these positions. We have a fantastic group of officers working here and the communication with senior management at Anderson has never been better.
Jerry Higginson, MBA, CPP, PCIClient
I have had a professional business relationship with Anderson Security Agency for many years. (…) In my current role as a Corporate Security Manager, I immediately turned to Anderson Security when I needed patrol services. Our corporate office located in midtown Phoenix has a parking garage which attracts transient individuals at night. With their patrol checks, Anderson has done a fantastic job of removing these individuals from the garage. They also conduct periodic checks of some of our high-risk medical facilities. On several occasions, patrol officers have found storage room doors unsecured and immediately contacted me and stayed on site securing the area until I could arrive to secure the door. Anderson Officers always seem to be more professional and better trained than other security guard agencies. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for contract security services.
Our armed staff completed our annual judgmental and qualification shoots with the assistance of John Curry. We were kind of pressed for time since we had not made arrangements with anyone since our Rangemaster from Mesa PD retired. I really appreciate Anderson Security stepping up to help us so that our LEOSA certifications did not expire. John Curry did a great job with our staff on both the judgmental shooting and out on the range. He has great attention to safety, offered good observations and advice, and has a comfortable teaching style.

Thanks for the great partnership.

Mike WellsClient
DC Ranch switched over to Anderson Security about 17 months ago. Since then, DC Ranch has been able to strengthen our Security program in many ways with the assistance from Anderson. Anderson’s motto is “A true working partnership” and that is the perfect way to describe what we have. DC Ranch is a large site and has many moving pieces. This requires an honest and frank relationship to ensure we are operating at a high level. The partnership we have together is a truly special and unique partnership. We have had a couple of security companies over the last 20 years, but our partnership with Anderson has been one that has stood out from the others.  You will not get the feeling that you are another number with them, or they will not be able to provide something to you – you will get access to the top decision makers, and you will have Security guards trained exactly for the needs of your site. Anderson Security has been a great Security provider for DC Ranch.
Chief Security OfficerDesert Mountain Community, CCMC
CLIENT AND AGENCY “A True Working Partnership”

If you are serious about safety and security for your community or workplace, Anderson Security is your Professional Partner.  Since 2003 Anderson Security has worked with us solving challenges as they presented themselves in a fast moving world.  Staff are professionally trained, exceeding industry standards. Site specific training is developed and tailored to each client’s requirements; First Aid, CPR, AED, BLS, and Emergency Medical Response (EMR).  Since implementation at our site, staff has been recognized by local Emergency Services for saving (5) lives in our community.  Can your current provider say the same?

Why Use A Contract Security Service?

Benefits and Insurance
Anderson Security pays for officer benefits and maintains specialized insurance coverage to cover any contingency or liability resulting from the actions of an Anderson Security officer.
Quality uniforms and equipment are supplied by Anderson Security to ensure a consistent professional appearance.
Serves Your Specific Needs
Post orders are prepared based upon client surveys completed before officer installation. Anderson Security officers may be transferred upon client request at any time for any reason during the installation.
Flexible Scheduling
Security services are based upon client needs and can be changed as needs change.
Experience and Supervision
Anderson Security brings over 25 years of specialized, security experience to bear on client challenges. The Operations and Quality Control Department supports and enables an active supervisory structure.
Valuable Time and Effort
Contracting security services provide the client with the security it requires without the time and effort needed to learn, implement, and maintain sound practices internally.