Compare Our Services

Compare Our Services

Not everyone qualifies to be an officer for Anderson Security. Through our hiring process we select only those individuals that meet the standards of our Agency and the expectations of our clients. In addition to pre-employment background checks and interviews we also administer a psychological profile to each applicant before hiring.

A premium pay level, together with an outstanding benefits package, results in one of the lowest turnovers in the industry. A full range of benefits are offered to our officers. Excellent benefits, good pay, and supportive management decrease officer turnover and increases client service stability.

A comprehensive insurance package, including medical, dental, prepaid legal, term life and accident insurance are offered to our officers.

All of our officers must complete an 8 hour orientation as a requisite of hire. In addition, while employed with Anderson Security an officer can attend additional training courses. These courses include a state-of-the-art 40-hour armed training program.

The sharpest looking uniforms and equipment, together with strict personal grooming standards, provide a highly professional appearance to residents and the public. The uniforms are company provided.

Our Security Operations Center center is manned 24 hours a day by highly qualified dispatchers. Our control center offers emergency assistance and officer replacement services when needed. Any client or officer needs can be handled by our control center.

All officers are equipped with cellular phones that can contact our Security Operations Center, other officers, and if needed, the client contacts. Additionally, each officer can contact 911 if the need were to arise.

The industry’s supervision standards, enforced by our Officers in Charge, Field Supervisors and Management Personnel, provide the very best service possible. Our Supervision Team is here to support you.