Vision, Values and Beliefs

about anderson securityVision

We are Anderson Security Agency. We are a leading provider of contract security services and total solutions. Integrity, reliability and operational excellence are hallmarks of our service to clients.

Values and Beliefs

As a class provider of human resources, we are first and foremost a people company. We believe in the diversity of our workforce, and in the dignity of the individual. We are committed to the respect and safety of our employees. To succeed in providing our customers the best possible service, we will endeavor to generate a climate of openness and trust. We are dedicated to fostering an environment which instills both employee and client satisfaction.

What Our Agency Values

Our Employees
– who in turn receive:

  • Fair treatment
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Competitive Wages with an agency that is a recognized leader
  • Opportunity to enroll in a health plan at a group rate
  • Agency provided uniform with the job

Our Clients
– who in turn expect:

  • On-time, dedicated service
  • Professional appearance of our employees
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Employees screened for criminal felony convictions
  • Employees who have effective communication skills, both oral and written

What Our Employees Value

Our Clients
– therefore our employees provide

  • On-time, dependable and reliable job performance
  • Professional appearance
  • Attention to job details
  • Adherence to job requirements
  • Courtesy to customers and their employees and visitors

The Agency
– therefore our employees

  • Are flexible and adaptable to meet company needs
  • Follow the chain of command
  • Report violations of law and/or company policy
  • Provide sufficient notice if unable to be on time to work
  • Follow company policies and guidelines as outlined in employee handbook