Skywatch & Segway Services

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Review our state-of-the-art solar-operated mobile crime deterrent and surveillance unit (Sky Watch), which is available for remote sites without electricity. It elevates from absolute ground level to a second story “eye-level” elevation in just seconds.

Anderson Sky Watch is equipped with digitally recorded closed-circuit television cameras that can be monitored by our off-site command center, or by an Anderson Security Officer posted inside the unit. Sky Watch is an alternative to temporary security officer services for use in those areas not conducive to human staffing.

Sky Watch will provide your employees, visitors and customers with peace of mind while on your premises.


Security Operations entered a new era of motorized patrol recently by making a segue to the Segway. In November, Anderson Security Officers started using Segways: two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicles – to patrol. This new innovative idea has become very beneficial for Operations and our Security Officers, says President and CEO Kimberly Anderson-Matich. “Officer’s have the ability to cover more ground, and can respond quickly if there is an emergency.” The electric Segways provide a sustainable solution to security as they use no gas, have no emissions and are easy to maintain. The vehicles typically run about eight hours on a charge.
Using the Segway, Officers are not limited to the street. You can ride indoors; take into an elevator, in office buildings, or off-road.

Anderson Sky Watch, available for:

  • Special Events
  • Parking Lot Surveillance
  • Labor Disputes
  • Shopping Malls & Centers
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Industrial Complexes

Skywatch Proposed Lease Plans:

Plan 1: Unit Only

Plan 2: Unit with use of Cameras

Plan 3: Unit with use of Cameras and Recorded Video of all Cameras (Motion Only)

Plan 4: Unit with use of Cameras, Recorded Video of all Cameras & Internet Linked for Remote Viewing

Plan 5: Includes all the above Recording & Internet Link, Also Video Recording Transferred to Saved Disks for Archiving, which is done weekly by Anderson Security Agency Ltd. & Alarm Communications, Inc.

Security Officer optional for each Plan (Standard Fee per Officer) Minimum Lease Term 30 Days Refundable Damage Deposit.

Call us at 602-331-7000 for more information on how Sky Watch can help protect your valuable assets, particularly during the high crime, holiday season.