Raise The Bar

Someone’s going to be fired, and it could get ugly. A manufacturing company needs to account for everyone onsite. And a special event expected to attract hundreds of thousands has to be made secure. To handle these and other situations, Phoenix-based Anderson Security Agency (ASA) has continually reinvested in its equipment, technology and employees. “Security officers today are providing a wide variety of services under circumstances that range from delicate to volatile,” explains ASA owner Kimberly Anderson-Matich. “We need to know our employees are safe, and our clients need to know their assets, properties and the people there are going to be well-protected.” It’s a balancing act, but Matich’s lifelong experience in the security industry has set her on an unwavering course.

Defining Distinction
As a teen, Matich was the receptionist in her father’s security business. She later learned accounting and operations working in her brother’s security firm. Throughout these early career steps, Matich observed the best and worst elements in the security industry. She launched her own business, Anderson Security Agency, in 1994, determined to make it renowned for its quality and professionalism. Her affirmations have come in the forms of numerous business, professional and community service awards as well as a 25 percent yearly growth rate.

Professionally Trained – Certifiably Confident
ASA applicants are so thoroughly screened that only one out of 10 are hired. Once accepted, their training far exceeds the state standards. In addition to the required eight-hour training, employees are encouraged to attend the 72-hour Anderson Security Academy, where 33 courses are taught by certified security professionals. The company’s employee benefits program has also been noted as unique in the industry. “We provide careers, not just jobs.”

A Watchful Eye
ASA stays on the cutting edge of this highly competitive industry. In addition to offering armed and unarmed security services in retail, corporate, residential and community settings, the company also owns the only Mobile Command Unit in Arizona. This 34-foot vehicle seats 12 and is equipped with multiple modes of communication technologies and fingerprinting equipment. It serves as a temporary onsite security station, training academy and community child-safety fingerprinting post. Sky Watch, ASA’s solar-operated mobile crime deterrent and surveillance unit, is another alternative to temporary security services. It can be raised to a second story “eye-level” in seconds and can be manned or monitored remotely. “The Mobile Command Unit and Sky Watch are tremendous resources for our clients and the community,” says Matich. “It fills a void in Arizona’s private security industry.”

A Fitting Tribute
Though Anderson Security Agency continually looks ahead, it also pays tribute to the past with its H.P. Anderson Sr. Private Security Museum. Housed at the corporate headquarters and open to the public, it is dedicated to Matich’s father, who at the age of 21 opened his first security agency. “My father raised the standards for quality and professionalism in the security industry,” says Matich. “I make it my business to continue his legacy.”

“My father raised the standards for quality and professionalism in the security industry. I make it my business to continue his legacy.” – Kimberly Anderson-Matich, Founder

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Source – BUSINESS & Professional  – National Encyclopedia of Experts, 2004