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by Stephan Dix and Jason Dunick

It all started as a small family affair. Now, with help from the CommunityExpress loan program, Anderson Security Agency in Phoenix, Arizona, is booming. Staffed initially by a handful of family members, this woman-owned company now has over 400 employees and is still growing.

Kim Anderson-Matich is the daughter of H. P. Anderson, Sr., who started one of the first security companies in Arizona in the 1940s. He had always wanted to house his company in its own building with a museum featuring memorabilia of the security industry and the development of his company. He sold his firm in the early 1990s without realizing his dream, but his daughter adopted his vision and has built a brand-new security agency from the ground up, starting in 1994. With the help of CommunityExpress and many cooperative players, the company has surpassed all expectations.

In the beginning, Ms. Matich hired her siblings and received considerable support from her husband, Eugene Maggi, as well as a great deal of guidance from her father. This family support proved crucial during the usual difficulties that accompany startups. Her childhood exposure to the security business was another source of strength. Even with these assets, Ms. Matich realized she would soon need further assistance to grow her business.

Contract volume increased dramatically in 2000, and employee hiring and training intensified. With this expansion, financial management became more and more difficult. Kim Anderson-Matich decided to maximize the use of her CPA firm, Zolondek, Strassels, Greene, and Freed. A partner in the CPA firm, Sharon Miller, set up a new accounting system. Ms. Miller also brought Lyle Frederickson of Arizona Business Bank into the picture. The bank set up a revolving line of credit for Andersen Security’s working capital and provided a loan, guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), to purchase a new building. The bank also originated another SBA-guaranteed loan to buy equipment and furniture.

All of this was still not enough to support the firm’s rapid expansion. Ms. Matich needed to hire more employees and sought additional financing for this growth. Fortunately, the Arizona Business Bank had an extensive knowledge of SBA lending options, and turned to the CommunityExpress Loan Program.

CommunityExpress is a pilot program, developed by NCRC’s Banker/Community Collaborative Council and the SBA, which pairs SBA-guaranteed loans with technical assistance. This program is designed to encourage small business lending to women, minorities, and veterans and to firms in low- and moderate-income communities.

Under the program, lenders pay local TA providers -mostly community-based nonprofits that are NCRC members — to supply guidance and management support to borrowers, and to monitor borrowers’ progress after the loan is closed. NCRC approves TA providers for CommunityExpress and helps connect them with lenders. At present, some 120 TA providers from around the nation are participating.

The Arizona Business Bank established a small line of credit under CommunityExpress to support additional contracts with large Arizona corporations. With this support, Anderson Security Agency quickly secured four more major contracts and exceeded all projections given in the SBA loan application. The company has been doing so well that it will soon sign for a second CommunityExpress loan to support further expansion.

kim-community-expressKim Anderson-Matich, her CPA and her bank have worked together using the SBA/NCRC CommunityExpress program and other SBA loans to finance this highly successful company. In the process, Ms. Matich has followed her own star and brought her father’s dream to reality: Her firm owns its facility, complete with the museum that fired her father’s imagination.

CommunityExpress loans now exceed $52 million, and nearly 500 small businesses have been assisted. Loan volume continues to grow by 10% or more month-to-month.

For more information on CommunityExpress loans and technical assistance, contact Stephan Dix at 202-628-8866 or via email at

The Person I Learned The Most From

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By Kimberly Anderson-Matich

It does not take a detective to identify the person I learned the most from—it’s my father, Howard Paul Anderson, Sr. My dad’s mentorship has guided my career.

My first job as a young girl was with Smitty’s Grocery Store in Phoenix, but I began working summers with my dad when he retired from the U.S. Air Force and founded Continental Security Guard here. I started as a dispatch assistant, but that didn’t stop me from sitting behind his desk and pretending I was in charge. It was exciting! When I was in the fifth grade, Davy Jones from The Monkeys came to the Valley to visit a girl in the hospital. Our security team coordinated his visit and afterward he came to our house to play football with my brothers.

Success is More Than a Slogan
My father sold his company in 1971, and stopped working for the new owners in 1979. I had to move on as well. I worked at a variety of office jobs that provided good management opportunities, but I never felt fulfilled. I kept thinking about my father’s company and how exciting it would be to have a security agency. Some people tried to discourage me from such a male-dominated industry, but my father’s voice stood out. He encouraged me to focus on my dream, instead of the obstacles to achieving it.

kim-arizona-womanI founded Anderson Security Agency in 1994 with one full-time employee—me. I focused on carefully recruiting officers and providing comprehensive training. It didn’t take long to realize that my dad was right. Our sales hit $1 million in the first year of business.

Of course, many organizations strive to provide exceptional service, but success requires more than a slogan. My father said service begins with the integrity of knowing your business and properly training your staff. To surround myself with reliable people, I recruited members of my family who now perform various jobs from receptionist to executive vice president. My team also includes security veterans and seasoned military personnel, with more than 200 years of combined experience. Today, Anderson Security is one of the largest privately-owned security agencies in Arizona.

Of course my father wasn’t all business. Although he’s no longer active in the industry, his commitment to being a responsible member of the community lives on at Anderson Security. Our command vehicle visits schools, shopping centers and special events promoting safety programs for Arizona families. Our staff also protects the holiday spirit of a disadvantaged family every year, with donations of food, clothing and gifts.

If I could pass one lesson on to my five children, it would be what my father taught me: Success is achieved by pursuing your dreams, and doing it with integrity. It was just like he said. If my company provided superior service, no one would care if it was owned by a man or a woman.

Published in ArizonaWoman September 2005

Security In The Blood

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With Kimberly Anderson-Matich, security is a family affair. Her father, H.P. Anderson, who has over 45 years of experience in the security field, owned Continental Security, once the largest and most respected security company in Arizona. Now, she is the owner of Anderson Security Agency, the most professional security company in Arizona. “I guess you could say it’s in my blood,” she says.

Anderson-Matich learned the security business from the bottom up by working as a receptionist, a dispatcher and an accountant, and eventually managing Chandler-based Southwest Security. After a large company bought most of the Valley’s security companies in the early 1990s, Anderson-Matich noticed a drop in professionalism. She remembered how her father had brought respectability to the industry. “Our industry,” she says, “had an image as untrained, unprofessional rent-a-cops. We didn’t want that image associated with our name.”

After two years of detailed planning, Anderson-Matich started her own security company in November 1994. In the beginning, she was told by many that the industry had changed, that companies were scaling back and security was not a priority. She forged ahead, scooping up temporary security work that many other security companies were turning down. Anderson Security’s sales in its first year totaled $ 1 million and have grown by nearly 25 percent every year since. Projected sales for 2002 are $10 million.

In 1999, the agency added the first privately owned mobile command unit, utilized for on-site training, client-company emergencies, recruiting and community programs such as free fingerprinting of children. The company also has one of the only 24-hour dispatch centers able to handle emergency requests, client concerns and direct officers in the field.

Anderson Security has more than 400 full-time and part-time officers working, on average, 12,000 hours a week at various Valley locations, including Salt River Project (SRP), Arizona Department of Revenue, Bell Ford, Blue Cross Blue Shield, temporary construction sites, and many gated communities.

Not all security officers are trained equally. The state requires eight hours of officer training. Anderson Security has its own training academy, training its officers an additional 72 hours in a variety of areas, including law and legal, CPR and firearms. Anderson is also very selective about those chosen to become a part of their team. “You can work for many security companies in Arizona, but that doesn’t mean you can work for Anderson. Our hiring requirements are so stringent that only one out of 10 who apply is accepted.”

After September 11, many companies reassessed their need for security. As the terrorist attacks were unfolding, Anderson Security was inundated with calls from clients requesting additional service. SRP brought in outside consultants to evaluate and critique security at its locations: Anderson Security passed with flying colors. “We have also developed and now offer to our clients and security officers courses of instruction on anti-terrorism and workplace violence to help increase awareness.”

kim-security-in-bloodIt is not money that drives Anderson-Matich. The Arizona native and mother of five receives satisfaction in the challenge of being a successful female business owner in a male-dominated business. “When I first started, people told me I couldn’t do it,” she says. “My goal was then, and still is, to have the most professional security company in Arizona. I have put 150 percent into everything I have done and it’s paid off.”

Anderson Security: a safe bet when safety is needed.

Kimberly Anderson-Matich
8900 N. 22nd Ave., Ste. 102
Phoenix, Arizona 85021
Ph: (602) 331-7000 Fax: (602) 331-1785
Web site:
Source – Encyclopedia of Experts 2002

Raise The Bar

Someone’s going to be fired, and it could get ugly. A manufacturing company needs to account for everyone onsite. And a special event expected to attract hundreds of thousands has to be made secure. To handle these and other situations, Phoenix-based Anderson Security Agency (ASA) has continually reinvested in its equipment, technology and employees. “Security officers today are providing a wide variety of services under circumstances that range from delicate to volatile,” explains ASA owner Kimberly Anderson-Matich. “We need to know our employees are safe, and our clients need to know their assets, properties and the people there are going to be well-protected.” It’s a balancing act, but Matich’s lifelong experience in the security industry has set her on an unwavering course.

Defining Distinction
As a teen, Matich was the receptionist in her father’s security business. She later learned accounting and operations working in her brother’s security firm. Throughout these early career steps, Matich observed the best and worst elements in the security industry. She launched her own business, Anderson Security Agency, in 1994, determined to make it renowned for its quality and professionalism. Her affirmations have come in the forms of numerous business, professional and community service awards as well as a 25 percent yearly growth rate.

Professionally Trained – Certifiably Confident
ASA applicants are so thoroughly screened that only one out of 10 are hired. Once accepted, their training far exceeds the state standards. In addition to the required eight-hour training, employees are encouraged to attend the 72-hour Anderson Security Academy, where 33 courses are taught by certified security professionals. The company’s employee benefits program has also been noted as unique in the industry. “We provide careers, not just jobs.”

A Watchful Eye
ASA stays on the cutting edge of this highly competitive industry. In addition to offering armed and unarmed security services in retail, corporate, residential and community settings, the company also owns the only Mobile Command Unit in Arizona. This 34-foot vehicle seats 12 and is equipped with multiple modes of communication technologies and fingerprinting equipment. It serves as a temporary onsite security station, training academy and community child-safety fingerprinting post. Sky Watch, ASA’s solar-operated mobile crime deterrent and surveillance unit, is another alternative to temporary security services. It can be raised to a second story “eye-level” in seconds and can be manned or monitored remotely. “The Mobile Command Unit and Sky Watch are tremendous resources for our clients and the community,” says Matich. “It fills a void in Arizona’s private security industry.”

A Fitting Tribute
Though Anderson Security Agency continually looks ahead, it also pays tribute to the past with its H.P. Anderson Sr. Private Security Museum. Housed at the corporate headquarters and open to the public, it is dedicated to Matich’s father, who at the age of 21 opened his first security agency. “My father raised the standards for quality and professionalism in the security industry,” says Matich. “I make it my business to continue his legacy.”

“My father raised the standards for quality and professionalism in the security industry. I make it my business to continue his legacy.” – Kimberly Anderson-Matich, Founder

2555 W. Morningside Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85023
Ph: (602) 331-7000 • Fax: (602) 331-1785

Source – BUSINESS & Professional  – National Encyclopedia of Experts, 2004


Introduced to the security industry at a young age by her father and former owner of Continental Security, H.P. Anderson, Kimberly Anderson-Matich followed in her father’s footsteps and achieved her dream of opening her own security agency in 1994.

Matich says that she founded Anderson Security Agency, Ltd. on one basic premise and that was to bring a degree of professionalism, experience and dedication to the security industry that has long been missing.

“Our company is based on professionalism – from our security officers’ extensive training and attitude right down to their uniform, we strive to bring professionalism to every aspect of our business,” says Matich.

Prior to being hired, potential applicants go through a stringent hiring process that includes drug testing, psychological testing and a thorough background check performed by the Department of Public Safety. Once hired, each of Matich’s security officers participate in an extensive training course administered by certified training professionals, learning first aid, CPR, the laws of arrest and much more.

“We are sending out professional security officers, not just warm bodies,” says Matich. “We may charge more than other agencies, but you get what you pay for, and in our case, it’s the best.”

Along with providing a variety of security services, the Anderson Security Agency utilizes a 24-hour dispatch center able to handle emergency requests, client concerns and direct officers in the field. Looking into the future, Matich says she hopes to diversify into computer security and ATM collection and servicing.

In addition to providing top quality security services, Matich has a firm belief in giving back to the community, and Anderson Security Agency is active in various charitable programs. Matich serves on the board of Goodwill and is also involved in a variety of community services, including fingerprinting programs for children, safety brochures, the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, Silent Witness, the American Red Cross and the Arizona Foundation for Women. The agency also adopts a needy family at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

kimberly anderson matichIn an effort to honor courage, bravery and quick thinking among Arizona youth, the Anderson Security Agency created the H.P. Anderson Citizenship Award. This award, named in honor of Matich’s father, is given once annually to a youth who has been nominated. To be eligible for consideration, the youth must be 5 to 17 years of age and reside in Arizona. To be considered for the award, the youth’s parents or legal guardian should submit a one-page essay describing what he or she did and why the youth deserves the award.

“Last year we awarded $2,500 to a young boy who saved a toddler from drowning. It feels fantastic to recognize the good these kids are doing,” says Matich. “And the award goes up $500 every year, so I can’t wait till we can give away $5,000!”

The Anderson Security Agency can be reached by calling (602) 331-7000 or access their Web site at

Kimberly Anderson-Matich
Anderson Security Agency, Ltd.
Ph: (602) 331-7000

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Today’s Security

Anderson Security takes pride in being a full service security agency for on site security requirements. Ranging from permanent security post like gated communities, high rise buildings and industrial buildings to temporary posts such as construction sites, supplements to in-house security, and event security at resorts. We also provide emergency security needs due to lack of electricity and alarms that will not activate, storm damage, vandalism, fire, etc.

Gated communities, in particular, are becoming more and more security conscious and require more of a sophisticated security agency to partner with, i.e. security officers who have the ability and personality to perform the security duties. We feel gated communities require a special type of individual to perform the security duties. Clientele that are attracted to gated living are often affluent, established, and often retired. These individuals require a certain level of service and communication, as well as being used to dealing with professional companies in all aspects of their lives. We at Anderson Security Agency employ that type of security officer.

News And Events

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ASA Recipient Of Salt River Project’s Star Contractor Award

In February, a brand new leadership team was created to take SRP Operations to The Next Level. This dynamic team is led by Lieutenant Jack Amos, who has over three decades of international leadership expertise. Jack is closely assisted by Lieutenants Elizabeth Woeller, Matt Riney, and Jacob Delecki. This team’s passion for excellence guides nearly 1/3 of all security officers employed by ASA!

Due to the combined efforts of this leadership team and 150+ dedicated officers working at dozens of permanent sites across Arizona, ASA was awarded the Salt River Project’s Star Contractor Award at a major community luncheon in May! This prestigious recognition is given to the key supplier of contract services from among all SRP contract service providers.

This team accomplishment is an ASA benchmark, reflecting great credit upon every team member who made it possible. Congratulations Jack, Elizabeth, Matt, and Jacob on this unique accomplishment for the entire ASA team! Your innovative leadership, retention initiatives, and determination to grow the entire Anderson team made this award possible.

Local Students Win Scholarships from Anderson Security

Anderson Security Agency is home to the H.P. Anderson, Sr. Private Security Museum, a non-profit foundation dedicated to recognizing and highlighting the professionalism of the private security industry. In that spirit, the Foundation has rewarded two $1,000 scholarships for the 2006-2007 school year to deserving applicants with a future in the criminal justice and public safety field. read the press release…


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