Mobile Command Patrol

anderson servicesAnderson Security Agency, Ltd. is the only security company in Arizona that has an emergency mobile command unit. The 34-foot vehicle is used by the company to assist clients on site with workplace violence issues, labor strikes, and emergency and large public events. It is also used for on-site hiring, training, and the company’s finger printing program.

The high-tech vehicle seats 12 people and is equipped with complete two-way radios, police reporting capabilities, emergency first aid response communications and crowd and riot control equipment.  It has computer, phone, and fax capabilities. It is also outfitted with finger printing equipment and videotape players to aid officers with training.

In addition to offering security officers a better vantage point from which to provide security services, the mobile command unit will serve as a mobile training academy, providing officers with on-site training facilities.

The mobile command unit fills a void in Arizona’s private security industry. There are many situations where on-site security command capabilities are required. It is a tremendous resource for Anderson Security to have this vehicle available for the clients.