H. P. Anderson Citizenship Award

anderson community invovlementIn an effort to honor courage, bravery and quick thinking among Arizona youth, Anderson Security Agency created the H.P. Anderson Citizenship Award. This award named in honor of Kimberly Anderson-Matich’s father is given once annually to a youth that has been nominated. To be eligible for consideration the youth must be 5 -17 years of age and reside in Arizona. To be considered for the award the youths parents or legal guardian should submit a one-page essay describing what they did and why the youth deserves the award. In addition to the essay, applicants are welcome to include any photos or letters of recommendation they might have to support their application.

Applications should be mailed to:

Anderson Security Agency
2555 W. Morningside Dr.
Phoenix AZ 85023

Current Winner of the H.P. Anderson Citizenship Award:

2009:  Ervin Rodriguez, 6, won the H.P. Anderson Citizenship Award.  Ervin woke up in the middle of the night to blistering heat and thick smoke to find is home was on fire.  Ervin ran into his parent’s room to alert them to grab his baby brother sleeping in the other room.  Ervin saved his family by exuding courage and quick-thinking.

Past Winners of the H.P. Anderson Citizenship Award:

  • 2008: Joshua Coppoth, 10, won the H.P. Anderson Citizenship Award. Josh described his fight against a brain tumor in a powerful letter that inspired U.S. Navy SEALs in combat in Iraq.
  • 2007: Hannah Welch, 10, won the H.P. Anderson Citizenship Award after being involved in a horrible ATV accident with two other girls. Despite her own life-threatening injuries, Hannah was able to find 1 of 4 cabins within 50-miles of the accident site and led rescuers to locate the third critically injured girl before dark.
  • 2006: Clint McCabe, 15, won the H.P. Anderson Citizenship Award for his quick thinking and brave life-saving actions. Clint administered CPR to his brother who had stopped breathing to sustain him until the EMT’s arrived.
  • 2005: Dalton Brady (10yrs old) – $3500 award; risked his own life to save his father (who had become unconscious when swimming) from drowning in the family pool when the temperature of the pool was 51 degrees.
  • 2004: Shelby Young (9yrs old)-$3,000 award; saved the life of a classmate that was choking by performing the Heimlich maneuver.
  • 2003: Marty Smith (11yrs old)-$2,500 award; rescued a toddler that had fallen into a swimming pool
  • 2002: Stephanie Lopez Garcia (8yrs old)-$2000 award; saved brother from mobile home fire
  • 2001: Todd McMichael (17yrs old)- $1,500 award; rescued an 82-year-old woman from her home and went back in to rescue woman’s dog.
  • 2000 Kortney Campbell (12yrs old)-$1,000 award; rescued her brother from a pit bull attack
  • 1999 Xavier Orona (16yrs old)-$500 award; rescued neighbors from their burning house