Anderson Security is the Arizona Preferred Partner for Guardian 8, which provides us with the Pro V2, the only Enhanced Non-Lethal (ENL) option for security professionals. The Pro V2 is our answer to the need for an intermediate level of protection and defense for businesses that do not want/need armed security, but, through our site assessment, have demonstrated that they require a higher level of service than unarmed patrols can provide.

guardian 8 store holster

As your chosen security partner, you have our commitment to ensuring your security program is comprehensive while being cost effective. One of the benefits of working with Anderson is our dedication to setting new standards of excellence for the security industry. Through value-add offering such as the Pro V2, we are able to help our clients lower the cost of their security programs while meeting the requirements for providing a safe workplace per OSHA, which reduces the risk of costly liability.  Additionally, the Pro V2 will offer the added protection of complete audio/video recording of any incident, which protects your company from liability and ensures situations are handled according to protocol.


Our officers are certified in the use of the Pro V2 to de-escalate incidents that could pose a risk to your employees or assets. We’re excited to be the first company in Arizona to bring this to our clients and establish a highly more effective protocol for keeping people and property safe.