Family Tradition

about anderson security

Arizona entrepreneur H.P. Anderson Sr. realized his lifelong dream in 1954. That was the year he founded Continental Security Guards, a full-service security agency that blossomed into an industry giant and a model for other agencies across the country. Until his retirement in 1991, Anderson was instrumental in raising the bar for Arizona’s professional security industry.

Kimberly Anderson-Matich answered the same call her father had when she founded Anderson Security Agency, Ltd. in 1994. From early childhood, Matich had admired her father’s professional dedication and felt determined to continue what he had started. Today, Anderson Security is on the front lines of private security with its combination of innovative solutions, integration of the latest technologies and, above all, top-quality personnel.

Going Beyond the Call of Duty
From her first day at Anderson Security’s helm, Matich has set her sights far higher than the bare minimum. She has always surpassed industry standards, especially when it comes to the caliber and care of individuals assigned to protect her clients’ interests. While the state of Arizona requires just eight hours of training for security officers, Anderson Security takes its personnel through a comprehensive, 72-hour course that encompasses a whole spectrum of security issues. The agency also offers highly competitive pay and employment benefits to attract top-tier candidates, all of whom are meticulously screened. Anderson Security’s applicant review process is so stringent that only one in ten is invited to join its team.

Growing Stronger Every Year
Matich’s resolute leadership style is rivaled only by her business savvy. Perhaps that’s why she is now regarded as one of Arizona’s top female executives, a revered self-starter who has seen her company grow at the rate of 25 percent per year, with 2004 sales projected to exceed $15 million.

According to Matich, Anderson Security’s dramatic ascent is the product of its focus on exceptional quality. “The old image of the ‘night watchman’ just doesn’t cut it in today’s world,” she says. “As the role of private security becomes more important in society, security agencies have to respond to this change in demand. Customers require more of their security officers than ever before — both in terms of quality and breadth of capabilities. As always, we are determined to meet these challenges.”


front-anderson-buildingAnderson Security Agency Ltd. is a world class, private security company offering:

  • Custom security solutions
  • On-site commercial security
  • Gated community courtesy
  • Emergency mobile command unit
  • Mobile crime deterrent and surveillance unit (“Sky Watch”)
  • Uniformed security officers
  • 72-hour academy training
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Armed and unarmed personnel
  • Bodyguards and executive protection
  • 24-hour emergency service


Source – Outlook Phoenix Business Profiles