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Security Officers

Security Officers comprise one of the nation’s largest groups of first responders and play an integral role in prevention and crime deterrence. Kimberly Anderson-Matich, President/CEO, carefully and deliberately designed Anderson Security from the ground up to assure experience, dedication, and professionalism in these critical first responders. Mrs. Matich’s in-depth industry knowledge and innovations are clear […]

Skywatch & Segway

Skywatch Review our state-of-the-art solar-operated mobile crime deterrent and surveillance unit (Sky Watch), which is available for remote sites without electricity. It elevates from absolute ground level to a second story “eye-level” elevation in just seconds. Anderson Sky Watch is equipped with digitally recorded closed-circuit television cameras that can be monitored by our off-site command […]

Family Tradition

Arizona entrepreneur H.P. Anderson Sr. realized his lifelong dream in 1954. That was the year he founded Continental Security Guards, a full-service security agency that blossomed into an industry giant and a model for other agencies across the country. Until his retirement in 1991, Anderson was instrumental in raising the bar for Arizona’s professional security […]

Community Express

by Stephan Dix and Jason Dunick It all started as a small family affair. Now, with help from the CommunityExpress loan program, Anderson Security Agency in Phoenix, Arizona, is booming. Staffed initially by a handful of family members, this woman-owned company now has over 400 employees and is still growing. Kim Anderson-Matich is the daughter […]

The Person I Learned The Most From

By Kimberly Anderson-Matich It does not take a detective to identify the person I learned the most from—it’s my father, Howard Paul Anderson, Sr. My dad’s mentorship has guided my career. My first job as a young girl was with Smitty’s Grocery Store in Phoenix, but I began working summers with my dad when he […]

Security In The Blood

With Kimberly Anderson-Matich, security is a family affair. Her father, H.P. Anderson, who has over 45 years of experience in the security field, owned Continental Security, once the largest and most respected security company in Arizona. Now, she is the owner of Anderson Security Agency, the most professional security company in Arizona. “I guess you […]

Raise The Bar

Someone’s going to be fired, and it could get ugly. A manufacturing company needs to account for everyone onsite. And a special event expected to attract hundreds of thousands has to be made secure. To handle these and other situations, Phoenix-based Anderson Security Agency (ASA) has continually reinvested in its equipment, technology and employees. “Security […]


Introduced to the security industry at a young age by her father and former owner of Continental Security, H.P. Anderson, Kimberly Anderson-Matich followed in her father’s footsteps and achieved her dream of opening her own security agency in 1994. Matich says that she founded Anderson Security Agency, Ltd. on one basic premise and that was […]